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The Infographic: What Are Your UX Organizational Challenges?…

Stoked to read ANYWHERE – The Handbook for Digital Nomads.… ✈️ 🌏 #NowReading via @andco @WickiiWickii

SILICON VALLEY ended with the unfortunate conceit of everyone acting unbelievably dumb in order to advance the plot. Sigh.

I look forward to SILICON VALLEY figuring out what it wants to be next season, ‘cause it had no clue this one.

Suddenly, just like that, augmented reality has a purpose in life.…

"Elias Burstein, Pioneer in Semiconductors, Dies at 99"

"Indian Technology Workers Worry About a Job Threat: Technology"

"Chatter in the deep brain spurs empathy in rats"

My research shows the Jobs-to-be-Done for an avocado is either to keep us guessing, or to give toast a purpose. Can't decide which.

I know some armor nerds who would have quibbles, but this thread is still nifty you…

Don’t idolize design leaders — idolize business leaders. They have learned how to design organizations.

Don’t learn code, learn how to function in a business environment. That’s create more design leadership.

Many decisions by a business are better for it, even if it means delaying design innovation.

Being part of the system means we can transform the system to fit our needs. We understand them, they’ll understand us.

The more we realize we are not different from other skill sets in business, the better we’ll be part of the system.

Separating design and our problems from the rest of the business is counterproductive. It hurts our brand.

Empathy is understanding everyone’s viewpoint, not just selective ones.

Anyone can have empathy when coaxed to the right context.

Most management problems are connected to lack of empathy. You don’t need to be a designer to have empathy.

Most “design management” problems are really just management problems.

I have the hiccups and apparently Beedie got scared and hid in the shower

If Captain Nemo were alive today he would be destroying coal-fueled power plants

Do you teach Design or UX at a school? Want access to UIE's All You Can Learn Library for your students? Message @achurchill

It’s gray and cold and drizzling and depressing outside, so I’m binge-watching The Handmaid’s Tale, which frankly isn’t helping.

OMG. These 13 Metrics will suck the life force out of a smart recruiting efforts. We can do much better than this.…

Important thread from someone who was instrumental in fixing HealthCare.Gov when it had it’s launch crisis.…

New NIST guidelines on digital identity make passwords & stupid security Qs a thing of the past. #SecurityUX #SUX


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  • 4:58 How We Talk and How Machines Listen UXLx
    The Structure of Discourse in Human-Computer InteractionSpeaker: Abi JonesAbi Jones compares human-to-human and human-computer conversation and interaction, introducing you to the conversational machines in your life and those to come.
  • 5:07 Creating Consistent Experiences With Design Principles UXLx
    Speaker: Adam Connor By understanding what principles are and where they come from we can move beyond the lists of best practices and heuristics we’re all familiar with and create
  • 5:27 The Invisible Problem with Fairy Tale Experiences UXLx
    Speaker: Per Axbom Adopting techniques from behavioral sciences we are, as UX practitioners, becoming ever better at nudging users to perform the tasks we want them to perform. But when
  • 11:37 Lean Product Management for UX UXLx
    Speaker: Melissa Perri This workshop teaches Lean Product Management techniques for UX Designers. As UX Designers, you already understand the customer’s problems. In Lean Product Management, we create business value
  • 10:53 The Emerging Global Web UXLx
    Speaker: Stephanie Rieger In this presentation we explore some of the fascinating and innovative services that are re-shaping the internet at the hands of consumers in emerging economies. Driven by

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