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Someone factcheck Trump at press conf! @MSNBC flags myth? DNC mention our men in blue! and just who is auditing him? Russian investments...


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  • 11:02
    Abby Covert What does a restaurant menu, a business to business sales process and an eCommerce website have in common? All of these things involve structuring information for an audience to understand. And while the audience and context may change, the practice of seeing our way through the associated complexities
  • 10:39
    Brad Frost Our interfaces are going more places than ever before, so it's essential to break UIs into their atomic elements in order for us create smart, scalable, maintainable designs. This session will introduce atomic design, a methodology for creating robust interface design systems. We’ll cover how to apply atomic
  • 12:00
    Speaker: Margot BloomsteinOnline experiences can be fast, efficient, easy, orderly—and sometimes, that’s all wrong! Users click confirm too soon, miss important details, or don’t find content that aids conversion. In short, efficient isn’t always effective. Not all experiences need to be fast to be functional. In fact, some of the most
  • 16:28
    Umesh Pandya "Investigate what it would be like for a young vision impaired person, to travel London’s transport network in the near future.” In this lightning talk, Umesh Pandya will share the story behind Wayfindr and how ustwo and the Royal London Society for Blind People designed and validated a
  • 14:24
    Speaker: Nicole Fenton Words shape our ideas, how we see the world, and how we relate to each other. In this session, Nicole will talk about writing—an often invisible partner and material in the design process. You’ll learn how to communicate behind the scenes to define what you’re making, prototype quickly,

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