• 4:33
    Calm Technology and Wearable Computing UXLx
    Speaker: Amber Case In this presentation, Geoloqi co-founder Amber Case will take you on a journey through the history of calm technology, wearable computing, and how developers and designers can
  • 5:22
    Co-Create: Creating Better Together UXLx
    Speaker: Denise Jacobs Despite the prevalent mythology of the lone creative genius, many of the most innovative contributions spring from the creative chemistry of a group and the blending of
  • 7:57
    Magical UX and the Internet of Things UXLx
    Josh Clark What if this thing was magic? The web is touching everyday objects now, and designing for the internet of things means blessing everyday objects, places, even people with
  • 8:08
    Oh What a Night: Usabilla Exchange Usabilla
    We’ve certainly been busy these past six months over at the Usabilla HQ. With both our employees and clientele growing at a remarkable rate, there’s been some pretty exciting changes
  • 4:51
    3 Strategies for Behavior Change UXLx
    Stephen Wendel Do your users fail to engage with your app, or don't follow through on their goals? Steve Wendel, the Principal Scientist at HelloWallet and author of Designing for
  • 10:50
    Designing with Linked Data UXLx
    Mike Atherton This is not your usual UX talk. It’s a little about information architecture, a bit about content strategy, but mostly it’s about how we can use information floating
  • 10:48
    Separation Anxiety: Taking Messenger from a Feature to a Standalone App UXLx
    Marissa Phillips About a year ago, most people didn’t know that Facebook had a separate app for messaging, and Messenger didn’t offer much that you couldn’t already get from the
  • 7:02
    Information Architecture for Everybody UXLx
    Abby Covert What does a restaurant menu, a business to business sales process and an eCommerce website have in common? All of these things involve structuring information for an audience
  • 6:39
    Atomic Design UXLx
    Brad Frost Our interfaces are going more places than ever before, so it's essential to break UIs into their atomic elements in order for us create smart, scalable, maintainable designs.
  • 8:00
    Content strategy for slow experiences UXLx
    Speaker: Margot BloomsteinOnline experiences can be fast, efficient, easy, orderly—and sometimes, that’s all wrong! Users click confirm too soon, miss important details, or don’t find content that aids conversion. In short,
  • 11:28
    Wayfindr: Independent Travel for the Blind UXLx
    Umesh Pandya "Investigate what it would be like for a young vision impaired person, to travel London’s transport network in the near future.” In this lightning talk, Umesh Pandya will
  • 9:24
    Words as Material UXLx
    Speaker: Nicole Fenton Words shape our ideas, how we see the world, and how we relate to each other. In this session, Nicole will talk about writing—an often invisible partner and
  • 6:30
    The Art of Deception UXLx
    Speaker: Stephen Hay There's a fine line between persuasion and deception. On the web, that line is frequently crossed. Sometimes purposefully, sometimes unwittingly. The best way to avoid falling prey
  • 5:35
    6 TED Talks Every UX Professional Should Watch Usabilla
    We’ve rounded up some of the best TED Talks for UX professionals. These 6 awesome talks cover both user experience and the wider design principles to help you get inspired. 1.